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Mari Sullivan is a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor based in Seattle.  She has taught yoga for over six years and has experienced first-hand the healing and life-changing effects of regular yoga practice. Her thorough understanding of alignment and compassionate teaching style inspire students to discover the connection between mind, body, and spirit and empowers them through their yoga practice.  Her classes emphasize the importance of both building strength as well as the ability to relax. 

"Although I've been practicing yoga for many years, I was both curious and nervous to take my very first Iyengar class not too long ago. Mari made that experience better than I could have ever imagined. With an impressive knowledge and understanding of the asanas, her demonstrations and clear explanations of the poses will help yogis of any level to achieve proper posture and alignment. Her thoughtful sequences, attention to each student, and mindful use of props allows everyone to practice as a whole while also fulfilling their own individual needs and intentions. And even with all of the knowledge and experience Mari has, one of the things I enjoy most is that her classes are always filled with smiles (from her and the students) which makes it that much easier to enjoy and appreciate the practice."  - Aron Silverstein

"I loved Mari's classes, always looked forward to what she had in store for us each time. Super knowledgeable and incredibly sweet too. Sad that she has now relocated and will no longer be able to take her class. If you have a chance, take her class!!!" - Lisa Silver

"I took an entry yoga workshop with Mari and after leaving felt more knowledgable as well as excited to continue taking lessons from her. I'm very impressed with her deep understanding of this practice and philosophy. I would highly recommend Mari Sullivan to be your yoga instructor!" - Larry Corbi

"Mari is such a wonderful teacher. She is so patient and really takes the time and care needed to get me into each pose safely. I have a lot of neck and shoulder fatigue from repetitive motion at work and I always feel so much better after I see Mari. She is so aware of any muscle tension that I have and really tailors the session towards working out those specific tensions. I have done private and group sessions with Mari and I always feel like my needs are met. Her experience as a teacher is clear. I always feel so centered and rejuvenated after my sessions with Mari. I highly recommend her!" - Kate Petersen